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DGPT 2022 Trading Cards Disc Golf Accessories

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The Disc Golf Pro Tour trading cards offer a chance to collect some of your favorite players. Each pack contains 12 random cards of a 123 card deck. Try to collect all the players, and swap extras with your friends so everyone can complete their set.

You can get a some sweet stats of the touring pros with an awesome picture. These are the 2022 edition, and each year the DGPT only releases them a couple of times so snag these while you can!

They're the size of a regular playing card and you can fit them in those old baseball card, Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon or Magic The Gathering sleeves that you used to have as a kid. Display those cool discs and show them off. Getting them signed by the pros would be a great activity as well.

There are several rarities to look out for.

Event Champion 1:2 packs

All-Star 1:3 packs

Awards 1:8 packs

Tour/Points Champion 1:24 packs

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