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Tim Fleming is an Mobile Alabama weapons charges attorney with extensive experience defending clients facing weapons charges ranging from simple gun possession to trafficking firearms. When making an arrest, law enforcement seldom considers the Constitution’s Second Amendment, which is the right to bear arms. A weapons charge is commonly added to other criminal charges in an effort to strengthen the prosecution’s case. When you have been charged with gun possession or a prohibited weapons crime in Alabama, having an experienced criminal defense lawyer with a background in weapons charges is a necessity you cannot afford to do without. In Alabama, the use of a weapon to commit a crime like robbery or assault can enhance sentencing upon conviction. Even if you carry a weapon on you while selling illegal drugs, you can receive a weapons enhancement in your case.

Alabama has many weapon and gun laws. Anyone convicted of violating these laws faces steep fines and lengthy prison or jail sentences as well as criminal weapons charges, which may prevent them from legally owning a firearm in the future. Laws prohibit those who have been convicted of felonies or forcible misdemeanors the ability to own a firearm. A felony in possession of a firearm can be considered a very serious criminal charge to many.

Some of the weapons charges we defend:

  • Possession of a stolen or altered firearm

  • Possession of a firearm in a prohibited place

  • Illegal discharge of a firearm

  • Illegal sale of a firearm

  • Felon in possession of a firearm

  • Possession of prohibited weapons

Federal Gun Charges In Mobile Alabama

There are specific federal agencies which are assigned to investigate and make arrests for federal weapons charges. When you find yourself in this situation, you need to retain the services of a criminal attorney who has federal crimes experience. Many criminal defense attorneys are adequate in state court, but few will have the extensive experience in the federal court system that Tim Fleming possesses. The federal court system carries different sentencing guidelines, in addition to a different standard of evidence during trial. When facing this situation, it is recommended that you find a suitable Mobile Alabama gun charges attorney that understands the federal court system. You want a lawyer that understand the strategies that are put to use by federal agencies like the ATF or FBI. Federal law enforcement agencies and federal prosecutors take special precedent in lowering the incidence of gun crimes.

Contact A Mobile Alabama Weapons Charges Attorney

Sentencing for weapons crimes, whether on the state or federal level, is tough. You need to utilize an aggressive Alabama criminal defense strategy to ensure you can salvage a positive result or a good outcome. When you contact me, I will help you make effective decisions that will greatly impact the outcome or end result of your case. When you retain me to be your Mobile Alabama weapons charges attorney, I will fight for you in court and get you the best potential outcome in your criminal case.

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